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The Colorado State University Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station Budget & Finance Web page is a controlled access site. You must have authorization to proceed. All unauthorized use will be recorded, tracked and reported.

If you are a faculty or staff member in the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station and would like access to the Budget & Finance web page, please contact Jon at jon.stocking@colostate.edu or Jan at jan.iron@colostate.edu.

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FY10 information will NOT be available here due to structural changes in the University data systems. We will explore other options in August after the annual budgets post, and communicate more news as it becomes available. If you have questions, please contact:

Jon Stocking at (970) 491-6481  
OR  jon.stocking@colostate.edu

Current users:

  • Your username and password are identical to your CIS username and password. If you forgot what those are, call the Help Desk at 970-491-1375. The Help Desk is unfamiliar with this ColdFusion application, and can only help you with your CIS username and password..
  • If you change your CIS password, change your password in this system to match it. Log in with your old password, then change the password on the next screen. If you forgot your old username and password to login on this page, please contact Jan at 970-491-7403, or email jan.iron@colostate.edu.
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