Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
Active Projects 2013

Note: A NEW project—initiated within last year—might not have an annual report, publications, or outcomes/impact.
Project: COL00633 Department: Western Colorado Research Center  
PIs: Pokharel, R ; Zimmerman, RJ
Title: Organic Cropping Management Systems
Begin Date: 07/01/2009 Term Date: 12/31/2013 Most recent project status: Terminated
Objectives: Research and develop economically viable integrated crop management systems focusing on organic systems management for agronomic and specialty crops. 1. Create organic cropping systems that maintain and increase soil fertility 2. Enhance beneficial soil biota. 3. Investigate integrated pest management systems that control insect pests while enhancing beneficial insect habitat. 4. Research and develop weed management practices for organic crop production systems.
Approach: To create an organic agroecosystem, a combination of green and animal manures along with crop rotations will be used to sustain and build soil fertility. Soil biotic populations and diversity will be investigated under these treatments as well. As part of a diversified integrated pest management approach, the creation of beneficial insect habitat near organic cropland will be employed. Crop rotations and cover cropping to address weed management limitations in an organic cropping system will be explored.
Keywords: Organic systems Organic crop systems Organic soil fertility