Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
List of Active Projects
Department: Bioagric Sciences & Pest Mgmt

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Project Number Multi-State Title Principal Investigator
COL00221B NC1191  Weeds as Phytometers in a Changing Environment Westra, P
COL00222B W3185  Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants Hufbauer, RA ; Norton, AP
COL00601A   Impacts and Mechanisms of Plant Invasions: More insights from Bromus tectorum Brown, C
COL00618A   Improving Management of Arthropod Pests of Horticultural Crops and Residential Landscapes in Colorado Cranshaw, W
COL00622A   Insect pest management with natural products Bjostad, L
COL00623A   Integrated Weed Management Stratagies for Aquatic Plants and Winter Annual Grasses Nissen, SJ
COL00645A   Support and Enhancement of the C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity Kondratieff, BC
COL00646A   Biology and management of arthropod pests of winter wheat in Colorado Peairs, FB
COL00647   Applying Molecular Biology and Ecology Approaches to Management of Herbicide Reistance in Key Colorado Weeds Westra, P ; Nissen, S ; Shaner, D ; Leach, J ; Tranel, P ; Stahlman, P
COL00649   High Throughput Discovery of Genetic Variation to Facilitate Tailoring Crops for Bioenergy Feedstocks Leach, JE
COL00676   Biology and management of the toadflaxes in Colorado Beck, KG
COL00680A   Biological Invasions and Biological Control Hufbauer, RA
COL00714A   Causes and consequences of competitive displacement among biological control agents Ode, P
COL00718   A Systems Biology Approach for the Identification of Gene Networks Controlling Disease Resistance in Response to Climate Change Argueso, C
COL00719   Understanding and diagnosing herbicide resistance in weeds Gaines, T
COL00720   Identification of Metabolic, Morphological, and Physiological Factors that Influence Bioenergy Traits in Sorghum Jahn, CE
COL00743A   Combining High Throughput Phenotyping in the field and Genome-wide analysis to discover beneficial alleles for yield McKay, JK
COL00746A   Managing the Impacts of Invasive Weeds in Colorado Norton, AP
COL00753A   Management of Arthropod Pests in Colorado Field Crops Peairs, FB

* - Terminated